Soga Certificate Tax Accountant Office
Soga Certificate Tax Accountant Office

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Soga Certificate Tax Accountant Office



English-speaking tax accountant

I worked for a foreign financial institution until 2000. For this reason, we have been working with foreign nationals for many years, such as being appointed as tax advisors from a Hong Kong-based consulting company immediately after becoming independent. However, since I have almost no opportunities to speak in English, my conversation skills are almost rusty. However, being able to use English accounting and tax terminology is essential for smooth communication. The first consultation is basically free of charge.

We also respond to labor management, marketing support, and human resources training

The longer our relationship with our clients grows, the more often the content of our consultations goes beyond the scope of accounting and taxation. For labor issues, we get advice from our affiliated social insurance and labor consultants, and have sales consultants appear to strengthen our sales capabilities. We regularly hold economic management seminars and regularly provide reports that are useful for management.

Utilize what you have learned at major companies and financial institutions in corporate management

We often hear from business owners that listed companies and SMEs are two different things. Of course, there are big differences in financial power and labor force, but the same is true in that it is the employees that make up the company. There is basically no difference in the size of the business from the point of view of the management. The know-how of listed companies is the accumulation of detailed processes, so there is no way to imitate this.

Knowledge acquired at financial institutions can also be used for personal property management and inheritance measures

Starting with unifying bank seals and managing passbooks, gradually managing assets in daily life is the first step in eliminating unnecessary time and effort. In fact, organizing personal belongings such as disposing of unnecessary assets and managing the cemetery will lead to future inheritance measures. Incorporation of real estate is not the only inheritance measure.

To be useful for corporate management as an accounting firm

Certificated tax accountants are seen as professionals of numbers, but there are various phenomena that can be seen by third parties through company visits, in addition to things that can be inferred from numbers. We have seen many successes and failures with other customers. It is our service to be able to tell you according to your corporate color based on these actual examples.

IT know-how conveyed from the user's point of view

From the user's point of view, IT is a tool, so there is no reason not to introduce its know-how regardless of the size of the company. This is not the original business of an accounting firm, but we can help you in terms of business management.

Preparation of monthly or quarterly financial reports

Management is busy with their daily work and are doing their best to grasp monthly profits with a sense of experience. At the very least, if you look at the quarterly earnings report, you can see the footprint for yourself and make it easier to plan how to act in the near future. Financial results are provided in English, so you can accurately grasp the contents.